To better ourselves every day

Inspiration and motivation

What drives us to keep innovating

Grupo Comercial Iluminled has always been very aware of these two main exponents. These values move us to do things well and to continue improving in order to offer great advances that improve people’s lives and the state of the world.



Grupo Comercial Iluminled S.L. is committed to innovation and looking to the future. Implementing in its different lines a form of product optimisation. Creating improvements and providing quality solutions that make life easier.

Committed to our RSC

Promoting development and focusing on optimising resources

Iluminled is aware of the environmental impact and the reduction of the carbon footprint in the world, which is why all its products try to minimise this impact. We are also committed to sport, to the promotion of young talents and their progression.

Grupo Comercial Iluminled

One step ahead in innovation

Grupo Comercial Iluminled has built a solid infrastructure that has been expanding throughout the world.

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Since its inception, Grupo Comercial Iluminled has created different brands and has expanded throughout the world. It is present in more than 30 countries and cities around the world.

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More than 5,000m of material storage at its headquarters. Two workspaces, and own factory in China.

Prizes and awards

Our trajectory, commitment to innovation and great advances have led us to obtain great achievements in recent years.
Some of the most famous ones that are already in our showcases…