Grupo Comercial Iluminled

Betting on technology

Hello, we present to you

Grupo Comercial Iluminled S.L. is a manufacturer and distributor of technology products.

We were founded in 2008 in the Region of Murcia, Spain and we manufacture our products in China, with assembly at the Group’s headquarters.

Since then we have been growing every day, but the idea with which we started remains unchanged: to stay ahead of the market to offer our customers technology, quality and professionalism.

The manufacturing process of any of the Group’s products has a very marked structure: design, creation, supervision and performance testing, which guarantees the highest performance and reliability, ensuring that all products comply with strict durability and efficiency criteria.


Our customers, the cornerstone of our business model

Grupo Comercial Iluminled believes that the real value is given by its customers. From the distribution channel to the customer who enjoys the product. That is why every innovation we apply is designed to improve their experience.

We put all our efforts into working to offer superior quality, greater efficiency and more sustainable processes in each of the phases of our activity.

The value of the factory production  the thinking Iluminled

Grupo Comercial Iluminled S.L. has a factory strategically located in China which allows us to offer a competitive price without forgetting quality.

Our plant in China is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the latest generation production machinery to service our different lines of business. We also have a quality department that performs stringent product testing to ensure the highest quality at all times.

Our team of research and development experts keeps abreast of the latest innovations and works closely with the factory to develop customised solutions to suit the needs of the market.

At our headquarters in Spain, the latest assemblies, configurations and performance tests are carried out before they are ready for shipment.

Two power plants, one spirit

Grupo Comercial Iluminled S.L. has a central headquarters of more than 5,000 metres and a second special headquarters with the Cosmi line.

Where the team prepares, manages and configures the different products.

Our two sites are located in Cobatillas (Murcia) to provide service to our entire distribution network around the world.

This infrastructure allows us to have a stock service and an inventory and stocking system to provide service to all our customers in the shortest possible time.


We create for you to imagine

This is our philosophy within the Group. We are manufacturers and specialists in Full Color displays, design lighting and electric bicycles.


Mission Illuminled

The challenge is to create greater visibility for each client, offering lighting, technological, advertising and quality solutions through logistical, strategic and communicative support that will result in visible growth in their companies in the short, medium and long term.

Visión Iluminled

We want to continue offering a quality product, advice and after sales service, in order to continue being a reference in each sector to which our different brands belong. Promoting sustainable development, contributing to the improvement to protect the planet.

We also intend to continue training and informing ourselves to ensure the satisfaction of the people who deal with us.